In Herculean Demonstration of Athletic Prowess, Student Steps Over Seat in Lecture Hall to Get to Other Seat in Lecture Hall

BAKER LAB—Students in CHEM 2080 were witness to an almost superhuman feat of strength today when Shawn Rosen ‘23 stepped over a chair he did not want to sit in in order to reach the chair that he did want to sit in.

Rosen, whose strength was already waning by the time he reached the tall, looming seats of the lecture hall, quickly realized the path to his usual seat was blocked by a row of students. Channeling the collective power of generations of his ancestors, the brave young man began his journey in the only direction possible: up. 

After seconds of grueling effort, Rosen, the pinnacle of athleticism, was finally able to lift his quivering leg over the approximately three-foot tall folding seat.

The undertaking, Rosen claims, required a level head and quads of steel. “It was a tough climb, but the view was worth it,” said Rosen, describing his journey from one row of seats to the adjacent row of seats.

Following today’s tour de force, bystanders witnessed Rosen’s next heroic exploit: opening the doors to Willard Straight with one hand.

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