Student Excited To Relearn Material From First Half of Semester In One Day After Forgetting Everything Over Three Week Span

Calling the postponement and digitization of classes a “stroke of good fortune,” Juniper Weddle ’21 spent Monday voraciously reading months of lecture notes and doing problem sets in an attempt to relearn the material from the first seven weeks of school.

“I feel like at one point, I knew all this stuff pretty well,” said Weddle. “But after giving my brain a few weeks to become mush from TikTok watching, Netflix binging, and stress-refreshing the NYT home page, I really feel that this singular day as classes start is a great opportunity to introduce myself to and then achieve mastery over everything I was supposed to know three weeks ago.”

Staring intensely at her intermediate macroeconomics notes as she quickly flipped through the pages, Weddle added that she is a “speed learner,” “born for this,” and “a different breed.”

Finally, Weddle noted that although she could have started studying earlier, she wasn’t truly inspired to start her voyage into relearning everything until she found out she’d be getting a grade.

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