Disturbingly Vast Collection of African Fertility Idols on Mantel Sure Taking Away from Professor’s Accounting Lecture

ITHACA—A thrice-weekly glimpse into the home of Assistant Professor Peter Covington has proven to be a major distraction for students of his HADM 2210 Managerial Accounting course, who have taken note of the professor’s extensive collection of African fertility idols displayed across his living room. 

“He has mentioned before that he is single and lives alone, so this is clearly his own doing,” said Claire Baugher ‘22, “I get having hobbies or collectibles or whatever, but I count at least 12 of those things. My gut reaction is that he should go to prison. Like, what is he plotting?”

Covington joined the School of Hotel Administration faculty in 2018. He earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree all in accounting. His faculty website lists his personal interests as “Kayaking, home improvement, and trading stocks.” Absent is any mention of academic study or personal interest which might rationalize the collection of hand-carved wooden and stone fertility dolls, traditionally given to tribal women trying to become pregnant.

“Some of them are blocking the TV, what kind of life does this man live?” asked James Crampton ’22 in the Zoom chat to classmates during Friday’s 50-minute lecture on activity-based costing. 

Apparently failing to exclude Covington from the Zoom message, the Professor reportedly replied “it’s rude to stare,” diminishing hopes of getting to the bottom of this anytime soon.

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