Administration Reassures Faculty They’ve Prepared Since the Last Recession and Won’t Hesitate to Cut Salaries this Time

DAY HALL—Writing that the University “now understands exactly which costs are non-essential,” Martha Pollack sent an email to faculty on Monday stating that after being unprepared for the 2007 financial crash, this time Cornell knows to go straight to cutting salaries for professors, lecturers, and researchers.

“I won’t lie, my predecessors were caught off guard when the last recession hit. But we’ve spent the last decade developing a detailed master plan on how much money we can withhold from our faculty while still being able to frame it as a necessary measure to save their colleague’s jobs,” Pollack wrote, noting that everyone will get through this together, besides maybe adjuncts. “The pandemic has presented us with very difficult choices, but this one was easy.”

At press time, university administrators were reportedly looking into how much tuition would need to be raised to fully cover the cost of meal plan refunds.

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