Student Calls Mom to Wish Her Happy Mother’s Day From Bedroom Upstairs

NASHVILLE, TN—Just in time for the holiday, Tessa Willem ‘21 made sure to call her mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day from the distant location of her upstairs bedroom.

“Even though my mom funds nearly all of my educational, living, and social expenses, I’m usually crazy busy around this time of year so sometimes it’s hard to remember,” said Willem. “Now that the family is together again, I figured I owed it to her to really go all out with a brief phone call..”

Clearly Willem’s efforts were recognized, since her mother seemed to appreciate the copious amount of time and care she put into making this Mother’s Day a special one.

“Normally when my sweet Tessa is away at college, she might shoot me a ‘happy mother’s day birthgiver :/’ text a day or two late, followed by her Venmo requesting me $38 for ‘Moonies’ or one of the other grocery stores she frequents,” said Allison Willem, loving mother of two. “The fact that she went above and beyond this year and called makes me feel so lucky to have her as a daughter.”

After the call, Willem searched far and wide on the Cornell Store website for a Mother’s Day gift, eventually settling for the same “Cornell Mom” keychain she gifted two years ago and explaining to her mom that her gift is arriving late due to COVID-19 shipping delays.

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