Student Trying a Little Too Hard to Look Cute and Mysterious on Zoom

SAN DIEGO—During their 9:05 lecture this Wednesday, classmates of Elle Sou ‘23 noticed their peer was looking suspiciously attractive and put together.

“Like, it’s 6am her time, and she’s wearing a sweater, not even a sweatshirt, will a full face beat? For financial accounting? I mean, you go girl, and do whatever you want with your body, but the color-changing lights to match her outfit were a bit much,” said Perry Toor ‘24.

Another classmate noted her flawless lighting, recalling that “she was perfectly lit the whole time, and the camera was like super HD too! The crazy part was, she had a big mirror behind her, so we could see the sun rise in it. She must have planned it, the framing was just too perfect”

Every few minutes, Sou made sure to avert her gaze away from the camera and towards her bedroom window, unmuting herself so her fellow classmates could hear her quiet sigh.

“She has this look of longing on her face, she looks kind of mysterious and ethereal squinting at the golden sunrise like that but honestly I think she’s just counting down the minutes until this lecture is over,” said Toor.

Sou was later seen taking screenshots of her Zoom video in preparation for her captionless Instagram post that day.

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