Sun Readers Losing Hope After 33 Straight Fridays Without New Articles in The BLK Voices Series

ITHACA—Avid Cornell Daily Sun readers have become discouraged after seven consecutive months without an update to the paper’s “Blk Voices” column. Despite starting out strong with two poems focusing on the experiences of Black Americans, the project has not added a third installment. 

“I suppose it’s possible they just ran out of Black stories to communicate,” said Jaylen Ross ‘22. “I mean… they said ‘updated every other Friday.’ I’m sure this isn’t the kind of thing you would just flake on without addressing, but it sure has been a while.”

Some Cornell Daily Sun segments are no longer being updated but continue to occupy space on the website’s masthead, such as “Sunspots,” “COVID-19 Briefing,” and most recently, “Sports.” However, fans of “Blk Voices” had maintained belief that their favorite subsection would avoid a similar fate.

“I thought they were just saving them all for Black History Month. Now I have no idea what’s going on. I’m shocked,” added Allie Liu ‘20. “Then again, there’s only four months now until Juneteenth, so I suppose I can’t give up on them just yet.”

When pressed for comment, the Sun’s editorial board confirmed they were “looking into the matter internally,” and that their other weekly column, “Sex on Thursdays,” would continue to run unabridged for the foreseeable future.

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