r/Cornell Still Amazed by 200th Picture of Bunny They’ll Never Meet

COLLEGETOWN—Dozens of redditors have once again banded together to ensure r/Cornell remains home to not only right wing-SA rants and CS workload complaints, but moderately cute bunnies, too. Progress!

“Seeing these cute little bundles of fluff is the highlight of my day,” said user AnarxhyMurder231. “After the first ninety posts I told myself nothing could be cuter than a bunny owned by a Cornell student. Then I saw the next ten pictures from a different angle and it was like a whole new version of cute.”

Not all Cornellians were amused. “If the sight of a random animal can turn your day around, are you really that sad?” opined RationalistPotato, beginning a 15-comment deep thread arguing the validity of mental health claims and Cornell’s mental health offerings. Another stated that these posts were rather obsessive, questioning, “can a bunny truly consent to being photographed, let alone manipulated and manhandled in vain and fruitless quest for fame?” However, most poignant was Throwaways546’s comment, “UwU no bun no fun.” 

Cornell bunny enthusiasts refused to let such attacks put them down, and continued to do what normal well-adjusted Ivy Leaguers should do: call an online strangers’ bunnies “thicc” and “chonkers.”

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