“I Earned This,” Thinks Student Indulging in Wednesday Night Shower Beer

COLLEGETOWN—After a toilsome day of classes, work, and club responsibilities, Cara Lewis ‘22 finished off her evening with a hot shower and a cold beer she described as “well-deserved.”


“There was just so much going on today—I don’t know how I’d be expected not to have a little nightcap,” said Lewis. “I knew it was a bad sign when I got called in for an extra shift at work, and trying to plan a g-body meeting for next week didn’t help either. When I realized I had to deal with Derrick [Ramsey ‘23] from the Econ project on top of all that, it was a pretty clear sign the universe wanted me to crack open a cold one.”


Lewis, who describes herself as a “social drinker,” explained that Wednesday is her “crazy day” and that “the week gets a lot easier after this, aside from the quizzes,” thus making it an ideal evening to imbibe a cool drink alone and in silence.


“It’s actually becoming something of a Wednesday night tradition, something fun like a movie or game night,” Lewis continued. “Some people drink tea in the evening to wind down. Some people prefer a warm glass of milk. I, for one, favor a nice can of PBR.”


At press time, Lewis was already musing about her entirely justifiable Thursday night tequila shot.

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