All 24 Colors in Gel Pen Set Essential for Student’s Notes

URIS HALL–Opening her pencil case to reveal a panoply of colors, sophomore Rachel Lee explained to classmates Tuesday how her new 24 pack of 0.5mm diameter Japanese gel pens had greatly improved her studying efficiency. 

“I’m pre-med, so I’ve pretty much optimized my note-taking,” explained Lee, while pulling a copy of Campbell Biology out of her backpack. “Chapter titles are light blue with a sky blue bubble around them. I use strawberry for section headings, orange with an underline for subsection headings, then yellow in small caps for sub-subsection headings. On weekdays, I use green for everything else—except for special terms, those are yellow-green—then on weekends it’s flipped. Oh, but this is just for 1440, I use different colors for my other classes to help me keep track of things.”

At press time, Lee had produced a matching set of highlighters and was seen marking entire paragraphs in her textbook.

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