CU Nooz Ruined by Biting Internet Comment

ITHACA — An unfortunate blow to the Cornell community laid absolute ruin to local satirical news website CU Nooz when a comment on the internet criticized the website’s humor, calling it “not funny.” Following such harsh treatment of the website’s sincerest attempts to provide amusement for students all over campus, the publication permanently shut down its website shortly thereafter.

“We hope everyone on campus finds our site funny,” said the CU Nooz Editor in Chief, “but such an unprecedented attack from some random guy on the internet has clearly shown that not everyone does. Which means, we have failed. I apologize to the thousands of Cornellians who have enjoyed our articles, but I am sad to say that this is the end.”

At press time, the internet commenter, who is entirely entitled to their own opinion and may have a completely different sense of humor than was presented on CU Nooz, went back to their sad, joyless life.

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