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Heartwarming: A Capella Group Performs Charity Concert for Those Unlucky Enough to Share a Wall With Them

BAILEY HALL—The hills are alive with the sound of music, and so are those who attended the 127th annual charity concert hosted by Before Nine, one of Cornell’s elite a capella groups. As with every year previous, all proceeds raised by the performance will go directly to the pockets of Read More

Freshman Dorm RA Launches Hunt For Repugnant Shitgoblins Shaving Their Pubes in Communal Bathroom

LOW RISE 6—In response to mounting requests since O-Week to stop the pileup of impressively profuse and wiry pubes festooning his floor’s toilet seats and shower stalls, RA Matthew Booker ‘22 has decided to launch “all out war” against Low Rise 6’s “hairy little shitgoblins.” “These little shits have had Read More

Rivalry Between Student and Uma Thurman on Roommate’s Pulp Fiction Poster Intensifies

DONLON HALL—Rebecca Tinsley ‘24 knew things weren’t going to work out the moment she moved into her second floor Donlan double and saw her roommate had already hung a Pulp Fiction poster that would continue to haunt Tinsley throughout the semester. “I walk in, and there she is, just smoking Read More

Student Unsure How to Politely Tell Roommate There is “No Chance in Hell” They’ll Live Together Next Year

COLLEGETOWN— Worried student Samatha Check ‘23 is struggling to decide how to inform her current roommate that there’s not a goddamn chance the pair will be living together for the coming 2021-2022 academic year.  “She’s a sweet girl,” Check said of her roommate since freshman year, “But she’s always so Read More