Students Heading Home For Fall Break This February

BAKER FLAGPOLE – Trudging through the cold February flurries to the West Campus bus stop, hundreds of students are heading home for the long Fall Break weekend.

“My girlfriend and I were both too busy to actually be together on Valentine’s Day, so this Fall Break is our chance to make up for it. We’re going to New Orleans since Mardi Gras is right around the corner,” said Deren Franklin ‘19, who added that Fall Break would be a great time to go to some events for Black History Month.

“It’s also great that Fall Break is directly between Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays, because it gives us an extra few days to celebrate the great presidents, which is much-needed after the inauguration in January.”

Students also remarked that, as this is the shortest month of the year, it is important we take time during our Fall Break to enjoy it.

Gannett: If Your Vacation Lasts For More Than Four Days, Call Your Professor

HO PLAZA– In preparation for the end of February break on Tuesday, February 16, Gannett Health Services released the following statement: “Nearly half of all seniors at Cornell suffer from some sort of senioritis. Getting a dose of reality can help students attain and keep their motivation. Ask your professor if your brain is smart enough to continue taking the course without any serious drops in your grades. Do not take a dose of reality if you are currently taking classes you don’t care about. Side-effects of the break include wanting five more minutes of sleep and cramming for Wednesday.  If you begin missing home, call your parents immediately. Ask yourself if a vacation is right for you. If your break lasts for more than four days, visit your professor to find out how to catch up on all you’ve missed.”