CU Interviooz

CU Interviooz is CU Nooz’s first ever podcast! Every episode, we bring you an exclusive interview with comedians who performed at Cornell. We ask them the REAL QUESTIONS (because the GOVERNMENT sure won’t!). Get the hard comedy facts with CU Interviooz, right here on Sponsored by the Cornell University Program Board.

Interviooz 3 – Adam Conover

Adam Conover from TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything joins CU Interviooz for episode 3, right after his Statler Hall performance in March 2018. He discusses his comedy roots, the state of online comedy today, his new TV show, and fashion tips. Hosted by Cat Tan. (Posted 4/9/18)

Interviooz 2 – Mike Birbiglia

In our second episode, CU Nooz brings you our interview with Mike Birbiglia from Fall 2015. We discuss his love of improv, his work on the film “Trainwreck,” and a bunch of other good stuff. Trust us. Also, Mike is eating the whole time so that’s why he’s a lil mumbly. Hosted by Julia Herrmann. (Posted 3/11/18)

Interviooz 1 – John Mulaney & Max Silvestri

John Mulaney and Max Silvestri sit down with Sam Nadell and Grant Mulitz after their May 2017 show in Bailey Hall. They say some funny things. Talk about the good old days. The rough times. A little advice here and there. Hosted by Julia Herrmann. What’s not to like? (Posted 2/8/18)

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