Cornell Daily Sun Abandons Obsolete Online Presence for State-of-the-Art Print Newspaper


ITHACA COMMONS—After over a decade of publishing their daily newspaper online, The Cornell Daily Sun has officially decided to cut their anachronistic and outdated digital branch and stop publishing on their website. “We at the Sun have a commitment to staying contemporary and felt that deleting our website would be Read More

Organic Chemistry Professor Receives MacArthur “Genius Award” for Passing Own Exam

2015 MacArthur Foundation Fellow, William Ditchtel, photographed at Cornell University, Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

BAKER LAB — Dr. William Dichtel was awarded the highly prestigious MacArthur “Genius Award” Fellowship when he became the first person to pass an orgo prelim that he himself gave to his students. When asked about how he earned the $625,000 recognition, Dichtel replied “I studied for a few hours, Read More

Assistant Professor Talking to Tenured Professors Like He’s Hot Shit or Something


RHODES HALL — Walking around the faculty lounge like some kind of big shot, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Hermann Schweitz is reportedly talking to the full professors of his department as if he’s hot shit or something. “So, are you guys going to the colloquium talk this afternoon? Can Read More

Candidate Profiles for the Student Assembly Election


  Freshmen Candidates: Dale Barbaria — Barbaria’s high school yearbook awarded this engineering student from New Rochelle the title “Most Likely To Be A Student Assembly Representative At Cornell University”   Nelson Billington — From Washington D.C., Billington promises that, if elected Freshman Representative, he will use his new position Read More