OP-ED: Homophobic Cornellians Refuse to Make Out with Me in this Dumpster


ITHACA- Yesterday, rumors of the bigoted and homophobic underpinnings of the Cornell male community were made nauseatingly clear when multiple self-labeled “allies” publicly refused to make out with me in this dumpster right here. Cornell, a supposed “safe place” for homosexual, bisexual, and non-identifying youth and a beacon of tolerance Read More

Sources Say That West Campus Resident Has No Business Being With A Nice North Campus Girl

Cornell_war_memorial (1)

William Keeton House— Sources say that North Campus resident Sally Jacobs ’18 has been spending a concerning amount of time with Johnny Wilson ’17 who lives in Keeton House on Cornell’s West Campus. “Guys like that are scum, they’re all rats. Everybody knows he’s only after one thing,” said Jacobs’ Read More

International Freshman Excited for Opportunity to Get Plastered at American University


ITHACA, NY – Incoming freshman and international student Boris Katyaldev confirmed today that he was incredibly excited for the unique opportunity to attend an American university and get absolutely plastered while there. “All of my family back home encouraged me to look to America to go to college, and now Read More

Childhood Bedroom Already a Gym

bedroom to gym

FORT LAUDERDALE- Mere hours after returning home from dropping their son Keith off for his freshman year, parents Michelle and David Anderson had finished converting Keith’s cherished childhood bedroom into a home gym, complete with treadmill, elliptical machine, and bench press. “Well, he’s not using it,” said Mr. Anderson while Read More