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Major Cornell Major Tournament FINALS

Click to see enlarged bracket Vote here! March Madness may be over, but the 2nd annual Major Cornell Major Tournament is still wrapping up and BOY oh BOY, ain’t it toasty up in here?! Vote to crown this year’s majorly most major Cornell major. This round ends Thursday at 11:59PM, Read More

Major Cornell Major Tournament Round V

Click to see enlarged bracket Vote here! It’s the FINAL FOUR! Call up your brothers, your sisters, your mams, your paps, even your ol’ Uncle Dennis… because it’s VOTING TIME! We will be accepting responses for this round until noon tomorrow ET, 4/3. So that’s right folks, make sure your Read More

ROUND II: 2nd Annual Major Cornell Major Tournament!

Click to see enlarged bracket. Vote here for round II!  The results are in – you voted, and 32 majors have moved on to round two of this year’s tournament! There were some huge upsets. Who could have predicted 16 seed Fiber Science to beat out the one seed Hotel Read More

Archie Shaves Head to Cope with Tournament Loss

RAND HALL—After her third all-nighter this week and upon learning that her major lost to Chemical Engineering in the Major Cornell Major Tournament, Sharon Yang, Architecture ‘20, let out a primal scream, impulsively grabbed the nearest pair of scissors, and cut off her right braid. “Dragon dragon dragon! Oy oy Read More