Walking Diagonally Across College/Campus Intersection Definitely Worth It, Study Says

CAMPUS ROAD AND COLLEGE AVE—According to a new study released by the Department of Civil Engineering, walking diagonally across the College Ave.—Campus Rd. intersection has been found to be definitely worth it.

“My entire commute to class has changed after discovering that trick, so it’s been cool to see the university confirm what I’ve known for years.” said Charlotte Kipp ‘20, who celebrated her 300th cut between the crosswalks. “I’ve saved upwards of a few minutes.”

Though the shortcut is definitely worth it just for the reduction in transit time, students for years have been drawn to its expression of independence from clearly marked crosswalks and the rush of individuality from the rest of the Cornell population.

While the study finds that using the path is almost always a good idea, some students have found that it doesn’t always save enough time. “I woke up late last Thursday so I walked diagonally across the intersection, but I was still late to class,” said Orion Manyasli ‘21.

Once the study is published, its authors plan to investigate the classic shortcut of walking in the street to avoid sidewalk crowds.

Cornell Bike Share Offers Students New Opportunity To Screw Up Traffic

TOWER ROAD—Now available for sluggishly pedalling uphill with six cars following behind, Cornell Big Red Bikes offers students a new opportunity to screw up traffic.

“Cornell is huge, so it’s a relief to finally be able to bike across campus with no regard for drivers or pedestrians,” said campus bicyclist Troy Laputa as he weaved in between cars, wheeled onto the sidewalk, and sped through a red light.

“Navigating campus has definitely gotten easier now that there’s an affordable bike share option I can use to race down Ho Plaza without a helmet, endangering both myself and those around me.”

Big Red Bikes are available at four stations on central campus and various locations across East Hill where bikers can crash going down steep windy roads.