Extended Spring Break Has Been “Lit,” Says Student Whose Last Conversation Was With Rosie From Animal Crossing

The university’s now 3-week long spring break has been “extremely lit” so far, according to Nate Gomez ‘21, whose lengthiest social interaction all week has been with Rosie, the blue anthropomorphic cat from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

“I was kind of worried that with nothing to do and no one to hang out with that I’d get pretty bored pretty fast,” said Gomez ‘21 while shaking animated trees for animated apples. “But ever since Blathers asked me to collect specimens, I’ve been working around the clock to find the best fossils to donate to his collection,” said Gomez of the bowtie-clad owl who runs the museum, as he sunk further into his beanbag chair.

Gomez has certainly been making the most of his time away from Cornell, flying to distant islands with his dodo bird companions and selling various seashells to Timmy and Tommy, a pair of entrepreneurial raccoons. While Gomez has not left his room in 3 days, he has been using this time for some self-improvement: “Every time you donate something, Blathers tells you a cool fact about it. I’ve learned about like 30 different species of imaginary fish!”

“I know a lot of people are going crazy because of the social isolation stuff, but I’ve been staying pretty social,” said Gomez. “I’m on day five, so my new villagers are starting to move in, and I’ve been having a blast talking to them,” he said as an anteater named Antonio eagerly described a new workout routine to his in-game character.

Gomez was later seen video calling his friend, his first human interaction in days, spending the duration of the call speaking in Animalese.

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