Equestrian Club Treasurer Wakes Up With Horse Head in Bed After Requesting $3,000 from SAFC

EDDYGATE APARTMENTS—After putting nearly three thousand dollars worth of line items in the Equestrian Club SAFC budget request, club treasurer Case Gadsby ‘21 awoke to find the severed head of the club’s most prized horse next to him in bed.

“I know I should just withdraw the budget, but we’re planning on going to a few different competitions this year and I can’t let everyone down,” said Gadsby, who went on to say he thinks SAFC is coming around to his perspective. “They actually left a gift for our horses in front of my door this morning, though I don’t think they realize horses don’t eat fish and it’s weird that they left it in the same purse my Mom us—oh my god.”

Citing Gasby’s possession of the severed horse head as embezzlement of club property, SAFC rejected the club’s budget in full.