Come One! Come All! To Ye Olde Maker Faire!

ARTS QUAD—Hear ye! Hear ye! I come bearing grand news of the Cornell Maker Faire! Come one, come all!

Listen well, students of Cornell University! Come hither to the Cornell Maker Faire, the 29th of April, in the 2017th year of our lord, and be amazed! Pray tell, hast thou ever lay’d eyes upon such marvelous technological advancements? Dost thou wish to galavante through aisles of robots, three dimensional printing machin’ry, and other forms of electronic demon’ry? Then come to the Maker Faire!

Devices and gadgets procur’d from all corners of the Cornell campus will be on full display; methinks thou art intrigued! Perchance thou shalt play enlarged musical instruments, or partake in a journey to a virtual world? Or, might thou navigate a miniature helicopter, or gaze upon a plethora of pretty lights? Pray thee, fetch ye think’n caps and come to the Arts Quad for the Maker Faire!

Tis a most splendid event, with students and professionals alike! Hast thou wish’d to see fellow professors and entrepren’rs speak on behalf of thy industries? Verily, it is so! Hast thou wish’d to gather with ladies and lords most knowledg’ble? Yea, methinks so! Dost thou expect me to be false? Nay, I speak of the Maker Faire!

Fare thee well, my good men and good women, and I will see thee next week at ye olde Cornell Maker Faire!