New MBA Center Offers Classes Conveniently Located Next To Proper Puss

COLLEGETOWN— To the delight of students and faculty across campus, the recently-opened Johnson School building in Collegetown provides a new class setting and study space adjacent to Ithaca’s most popular waxing spot.

“I love being able get my monthly Brazilian only steps away from my first class,” said Madeline West, MBA ‘18 as she gazed fondly at Proper Puss through a window during her project team meeting.

The state-of-the-art Breazzano Center for Business Education is affixed with multiple stories of classrooms and a glass facade, offering a perfectly clear view of the iconic hair-removal establishment.

“I had to stay covered up during Spring Break last year because mowing the lawn was just so out of the way, if you know what I mean,” explained Bethany Little ‘19. “Now, it’s conveniently right across the street from my favorite study spot!”

Continuing to make the most important parts of student life more accessible, the University announced its exciting plan to erect another academic hub directly across from the Collegetown liquor store.