AAP to Replace Broken Window with Fine Arts Library

RAND HALL—After two years of covering the broken window in Rand Hall with a tarp, Cornell AAP recently announced their plan to patch the hole with a fine arts library.

“We thought the best solution to the constant airflow seeping through the building’s tarp would be to build a cutting edge fine arts library,” said executive architect Sara Rosenstein of the gaping hole created in the side of Rand Hall two years ago from a car crash. “Nothing solves insulation issues like dozens of stacks of paper.”

The Mui Ho Fine Arts Library (FAL), while not being transparent or even remotely being able to be seen through, will nevertheless provide AAP students with protection from the elements in cold Ithaca winters.

“If only I had known that they were not going to actually replace the window with a window, I probably would have driven more carefully,” said the driver who crashed off East Avenue. “I really miss that window.”

Sources confirmed that the lack of transparency will additionally serve to aid those attempting to complete the first item on the Cornell 161 List.

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