Cornell Basketball Remains Undefeated In March Madness

BARTELS HALL—After not losing last night, Cornell men’s basketball team has maintained its perfect no-loss record into the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

“Honestly, if you’d asked me in February I would have thought we’d have lost by now,” admitted guard James Banket ‘24. “If you had told me we would be undefeated going into the Elite Eight, I would have called you crazy. Just look at all the teams who have lost in this tournament: Princeton, UCLA, Alabama. All those teams had way better records than we did. But look at us now; it’s three rounds into March Madness and we haven’t lost a single game. ” 

Cornell’s undefeated streak may come as a surprise to many sports pundits around the world; their recent loss in the Ivy League tournament had many analysts convinced that Cornell would lose as soon as it played in the national championship tournament. However, some statisticians stated that Cornell’s record instilled confidence in them that the Big Red would not lose.

“Just look at the stats, Cornell was never going to lose,” explained Data Science major James Bool ‘25. “The historic patterns alone prove that. Cornell hasn’t lost in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament since 2010, when they lost to top-seeded Kentucky, a team with DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, and Eric Bledsoe. In fact, they have never lost to anything lower than a #3 seed. With a streak like that, you couldn’t make me bet against them.”

At time of writing, sports books have given Cornell near-zero odds to lose in this tournament.

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