OP-ED: If The Nines Closes, Where Am I Supposed to Wait Three Hours for Deep Dish Pizza?

Greedy developers are making another cash grab at the expense of a beloved Collegetown establishment, and I for one am outraged. When I first heard that the City of Ithaca Planning and Development board was considering letting a developer destroy The Nines to build an apartment complex, all I could think was, if this goes through, where am I supposed to wait three hours for deep dish pizza?

The Nines is cherished by the Cornell community as a fun, relaxing place to go if you have a hankering for authentic deep dish pizza and an afternoon to kill, and now these bastards want to shut it down? As if there’s just some other place down the street where I can watch the entire director’s cut of The Return of the King before my food arrives?

It’s completely outrageous! To get a nice slice of deep dish, one would have to take a road trip all the way to Chicago to get that same thick and juicy crust with perfectly melted cheese and loads of toppings, and even then the wait would probably be too short.

That’s right, The Nines is an irreplaceable Ithacan treasure, and I will make my opinion on this heard for as long as it takes to make a difference, or at least until my veggie slice comes out.

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