Cornell Quarterback Takes Knee To Run Out Clock

SCHOELLKOPF FIELD—With five seconds left in the first half of today’s game against Harvard, quarterback Logan Moore ‘19 showed solidarity with African American victims of police brutality by taking a knee on his own three-yard line.

“The entire stadium was silent. Of course, that’s pretty on par for a Cornell football game, but this time it felt different,” said Jake Lin ’20, one of the game’s attendees. “Today, our quarterback showed the world that he could not ignore discrimination, or the chance of a last-second turnover becoming an easy touchdown for Harvard.”

While many prominent NFL players have recently sought to bring attention to police violence by kneeling during the national anthem, before today no such protest had actually occurred during gameplay, or had been a strategic move to end the first half.

Fans saw the Big Red’s act of solidarity as a moral victory in spite of the loss, not realizing Cornell actually won the game.

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