OP-ED: Campus Not What it Used To Be Five Months Ago

By a member of the Class of 2017

Ah, to be back at my good ol’ alma mater, the beautiful campus on the hill, far above Cayuga’s waters. Oh what fond memories I have of this place! I must say, though, this campus is really not what it used to be five months ago.

Look at these youngins, such fresh faces not yet hardened by the trials of the real world. What I wouldn’t give to feel that youthful energy coursing through my veins again. To see that spark of inspiration brought by budding dreams and aspirations brings such joy to these tired eyes! I still remember that passionate speech by President Skorton given to my undergraduate class when we were all just bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Oh but look how I’m aging myself!

These kiddos will probably be hitting up all the fraternity parties tonight, won’t they? They may even chance the bars in ol’ C-town with their fake IDs—ha! If only I still had the resilience to make my rounds around town two nights in a row. Who am I kidding—these grasshoppers probably went out on Wednesday night as well!

Walking around these familiar halls, I can’t help but feel somewhat nostalgic; my life was so much simpler back then, worrying about inconsequential exams instead of having to pay the rent. Who knows what students these days are bothering themselves over? They probably frustrate themselves with downloading the latest gadget to live-steam their lectures or what have you. Back in my day, we sat in on our lectures in person!

But times are a’ changin, I know, I just hope that still no one actually watches football, so I can do my keg stand and head home.

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