Udderly Scandalous: Cows of Vet School Release Topless Calendar

Not to be outdone by the annual “Men of Vet School” calendar, the cows at Cornell’s School of Veterinary Sciences have put out their own sultry offering just in time for Valentines Day.

Entitled simply, “ Bovine of Vet School” the calendar, in which twelve half naked heads of cattle bare all for the world to see, has left many across campus begging for more.

“ I would definitely eat one, if not all of those cows.” Said Jeffrey King 17’ as he drooled over the calendar in carnal desire.

Others are less enthusiastic “ I never thought that I was sexually attracted to cows” Says Claire Guo 14’ “but now I can say with absolute certainty that I am not sexually attracted to cows”

While many fell quickly in love with all the beautiful cattle in the calendar, the crowd favorite by far seems to be Miss May, who simply goes by Betsie. According to the calendar, her hobbies include grazing and cud chewing.  At press time, Betsie could not be reached for comment.

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