Students Hold Fun-Looking Block Party or Something

ITHACA, NY –  Fifty fun-loving Cornell students took a break from classes last Thursday to hold a festive block party on East Avenue and Tower Road, likely in celebration of another successful year of studying.

“We believe that shared governance at Cornell is extremely important,”  stated one wacky partier, her eyes brimming with laughter. “Students should definitely have a say in how their University operates and spends its money.”

Amusingly-dressed attendees chanted catchy slogans, yelled gibberish into megaphones, and even organized a light-hearted prank on the University, disrupting campus traffic for an extended period of time.

One reveler armed with a megaphone was particularly lively, “The student assembly has failed to represent the interests of its constituents. We’re here to let them know we won’t stand for that!”

“Those crazy kids definitely got us good,” said a chuckling President Skorton about the prank. “They knew the cars and busses wouldn’t run them over, so they all just stood there until the cars were forced to leave. Hilarious!”


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