Student Upset with B Blood Type

WILLARD STRAIGHT — The latest Cornell blood drive is sparking renewed frustration as donors receive their results from the required test taken before donation. Red Cross representative Katherine Lea reports, “The median blood type was around a B. This is a slightly above average result and the students should be very proud.”

Chris Tanner, ‘18, fell within the mean range, yet was not pleased with his mediocre results. “I’ve never scored lower than an A on any test in my life, even blood tests. I should have expected that my grades and blood type would drop when I came to Cornell.”

His parents were equally unimpressed. “The results our son received on her blood exam are unacceptable. This score report is certainly not fridge-worthy.”

Other donors expressed little encouragement for progress. Andrew Niccum, ‘15, laments his own efforts, “I’ve been working toward a better blood type for years but my results aren’t improving whatsoever.”

Nevertheless, students are ready to improve and will retake the blood test as soon as possible.

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