Walk the Moon to Cover 2Pac for Whole Slope Day Show

WILLARD STRAIGHT HALL — Slope Day Programming Board announced yesterday over Facebook that Walk the Moon would perform only covers of songs by the late rapper 2Pac for this year’s Slope Day concert.

“We sent out a survey last semester” said a spokesperson for SDPB, “and some number of students wanted another rapper, but some wanted a contemporary rock band, so we managed to book Walk the Moon under the stipulation that they only play hip-hop music.”

Slope Day has historically featured a variety of genres, ranging from Taio Cruz (2012) to Nelly (2011) to Drake (2010) to T.I. (2007) to Snoop Dogg (2005) to Kanye West (2004). This upcoming festival is predicted to be more like their Spring 2006 concert, when Ben Folds was requested only to sing excerpts from the Sugar Hill Gang.

“I’m happy that we finally have something different this year. Walk the Moon is my favorite Pop-Rock/R&B fusion band!” commented senior Jessica Chan, who had seen Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris and Chance the Rapper at the past three Slope Days and desperately pleaded for a different genre.

Regardless of whether or not students will appreciate Walk the Moon’s fat beats, we can all unanimously enjoy the opening band, Cash Cash, who is appropriately overrated enough to play Slope Day.

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