Denice Cassaro to Host Backgammon Tournament for Both Students Not Attending Slope Day

WILLARD STRAIGHT HALL – In an effort to find activities for Cornellians that may not be partaking in the upcoming Slope Day celebration, Denice Cassaro recently sent out an email offering to host a Cornell backgammon tournament on May 12th, a proposal that is expected to catch the eye of both students not planning on attending the concert.

“Music and sunshine not your thing? Come on down to the Willard Straight Loft II to hang out, have some snacks, and play in a fun-for-all-skill-levels backgammon tournament!” read the email, clearly targeting all two of the students that could possibly be interested in such an event.

“We’ll have prizes for the top three players, and boy are they some good prizes! So come on down to Willard Straight if you’re not feeling Slope Day, or if you just want a break from all that slope action and you love board games that you once played with your grandmother!”

Despite the email’s incredibly narrow audience, Cassaro’s message garnered more attention than a follow-up email by Kathy Zoner warning students to wear sunscreen.

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