Oh Shit, John Going To Throw The Frisbee Overhand

ARTS QUAD — Panic quickly spread Tuesday when it dawned upon quad-goers that, oh dear lord, John’s going to attempt to throw the frisbee overhand.

“Hey, check this out!” yelled the ambitious freshman as he cocked his arm behind his head, unknowingly putting several passing students at risk of bodily harm. Having never witnessed such destructive behavior from John before, both Sheila and Ankit warily took a few steps back in case, god forbid, the frisbee flies really far away and they have to go get it thanks to John’s recklessness.

The overhand throw, or “hammer”, remains a difficult technique to master, and recreational attempts at it account for nearly 43% of frisbee related injuries each year.

“The hammer is an excellent throw which all expert frisbee players should have in their repertoire,” commented Campus Recreational Director Brigitta Putnam, “However, John should not be throwing it. John sucks at frisbee.”

Fortunately, the frisbee ended up in a nearby tree, caught in a branch well above John’s reach.

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