Student Puts More Effort Into Negative Course Evaluation Than Any Assignment All Semester

WEST CAMPUS—Bernard Lee ‘23 recently spent eleven hours writing a negative evaluation of his COML 2050: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction class, more time than he had cumulatively spent on all the class’ assignments.

“The professor once wrote ‘not enough details’ on one of my essays, so I sure proved him wrong with this course evaluation.” Lee explained. “This is, like, the most detailed thing ever written.” 

Lee, who currently has a C in the course, wrote a short essay for each question on the evaluation, but failed to notice that he spelled “sucessful” incorrectly and never capitalized “i.” Furthermore, despite the professor’s week-long unit on apostrophes, Lee failed to use them correctly writing “i didnt like the professors’ teaching method’s.”

“I usually spend about half an hour per writing assignment for this class,” Lee concluded, “but that’s because Professor Washington always makes the assignments due on Saturdays. What kind of psychopath does that?”

Professor Washington responded to this harsh evaluation by writing an equally scathing review of every student in his class.

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