Student has that Weird Dream Again

ITHACA, NY- Senior Mike Greensmith woke up at 3:00 am this morning in a cold sweat, confused and flustered by a recurring dream he has experienced over the past month.”It’s the same thing every time,” Greensmith ’14 told CU Nooz, “I’m walking around campus eating this tub of potato salad-I don’t know why- and then I realize I’m three hours late to a final, so I start running. But it’s a dream so I run really slowly, you know? Then I finally get to the lecture hall and everyone turns and stares at me. Also the professor is played by Hugh Grant. Like it’s not Hugh Grant, it’s him playing my professor, like in a movie, but it’s a dream. Yeah so anyway, then I realize I’m not wearing pants, but I go and sit down anyway. And I look at my test and it’s in French, but that’s weird because I’m an Bio major. But then I’m like, oh, shit, I guess I’m actually a French poetry major.  And then my whole family is standing there too. And there just all like ‘Michael, if you don’t pass Hugh Grant’s final French exam, you can’t graduate college’ Oh and the lecture hall is also, like, full of jello, but…” Greensmith continued explaining the dream for another 22 minutes, then spent another 15 minutes discussing what he things “it all means and stuff.” At press time Greensmith had fallen back asleep.

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