Students Get Juice at New Temple of Seuss!

Goldwin Smith houses kids on humanities tracks,
But often those kids are in need of some snacks!
There’s not enough food in professors’ discourses,
After all, college students eat fully grown horses.

So then where do you go to get your daily fill?
Is there a place with a kitchen? A crockpot? A grill?
There’s Temple of Zeus, which is hidden downstairs,
While the soups are quite good, there’s not much else there.

What we students want is some high-browed smart thing
That could go down well with deep-fried dough-rings.
There’s something out there that would do well, I know it…
Wait a sec! What about a cafe just for poets!

Temple of Seuss, yes my friends, a new place for eating
Where you can go and there’s actually enough seating!
Majors of English and Hist’ry delight
As some dude reads them rhymes in real poorly-lit light.

A poetry place! With microphones and a stage,
Where assholes in sweaters can read off a page.
They’ll read poems they wrote, not like this one you read,
‘Cause the poems they write’re all inspired by weed!

Some people may call this a hipster’s wet dream
But careful, friends, things are not what they seem.
“What, Temple of Seuss ain’t where poets can talk, then?”
Yes! Really, it’s just a place where we mock them.

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