Senior Days 2024 To Go Fully Virtual, For Old Times’ Sake

The Cornell University Class of 2024 are the only undergraduate students on campus old enough to remember being kicked out of their dorms due to the pandemic, let back in again, kicked off again, and then let back in again, and finally kicked off one final time. Any proper senior send-off allows graduating students to reminisce on what made their college experience so special, which is why Cornell Senior Days 2024 will be held fully virtually, for old times’ sake.

The slate of events includes fan favorites from 2020, like breakout room speed dating, a movie night hosted by an administrator with a poor internet connection, and a virtual escape room that will crash within the first half hour. Director of Campus Activities Marcello Walsh hopes the events will inspire seniors to reflect on fonder times, like when they could not breathe through their noses or interact with other human beings. 

“We will be using the Zoom breakout room feature to place seniors into randomly selected groups of five,” Walsh said. “Once in the room, they will inevitably take three minutes to turn their cameras on and twiddle their thumbs as they sit in silence until someone finally unmutes their mic to ask what everyone’s major is. It’ll be just like back in the day!”

Campus Activities’ good faith effort to celebrate the class of 2024 has been met with anti-public health rhetoric from soon-to-be graduates who “just want to forget about COVID” and “focus on happy things.”

Despite protests from seniors who believe the decision to go virtual could sour their final days at Cornell, President of the 2024 Class Council Janet Hodges ‘24 remembers how the trials of the pandemic brought students closer together. Hodges, who helped plan this year’s format, stands behind her team’s decision. 

“2020 brought us together unlike any other year,” Hodges said. “Why not relive it?”

For seniors interested, the Senior Days 2024 wristbands can be picked up at Willard Straight Covid Testing Center at specific intervals throughout the day. Wristbands will be accompanied by a pair of rapid tests and a $200 refund check as an apology for that one time students were evicted from campus housing while supplies last. 

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