Cornell Astronomy Department Determines Supermoon “Pretty Big Or Whatever” Tonight

FUERTES OBSERVATORY – Emerging from hours of research using the large refracting telescope on North Campus, Cornell’s top astronomers report that tonight’s supermoon will be pretty big, and also probably really bright or whatever.

“It’s no total eclipse or transit of Venus or anything really cool, but it’ll be a nice little thing for the kids to check out,” said Professor of Astrophysics Saul Teukolsky, who on consulting his Farmers’ Almanac found there would also be a halfway-decent meteor shower occurring later this week.

“My ASTRO 1101 professor told us to check it out if we had time,” said Raquel Stevens ‘20, “but not to worry if we couldn’t, it’s just the moon.”

Students across campus have been planning their three minute study break to walk outside, look up at the sky and say, “Huh, pretty cool.”


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