Career Service Counselor Googles “Available Internships in NYC”

GOLDWIN SMITH HALL— After listening attentively to junior Kate Hill’s plea for help with her failing search for summer internships, Career Service Counselor Darrell Lange opened a new window on his browser and Googled “Available internships in NYC.”

“Let’s see what we have here that might be useful to you,” said Lange, carefully squinting at the details of every unattainable position listed. The search-engine expert smiled patiently, confident in his years of experience in advising desperate unemployed Cornell students who will probably get jobs somewhere someday anyway.

After 10 minutes of unproductive scrolling, the meeting took an exciting turn when, in a flash of creativity showing his innovative thinking on the job, Lange asked Hill what her major was and further filtered the Google search by adding “for history majors” in the search bar.

The career professional concluded his research by suggesting that Hill keep her eyes open and continue applying for any opportunities, and then asking if she had ever checked out the website

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