OP-ED: Now That Cornell Cinema is Getting Defunded, Anybody Wanna Come Watch a Movie At My Place?

So funding for Cornell Cinema is up in the air. I’m sure we’re all a little sad that we might not get to watch our favorite arthouse classics week after week if the Student Assembly and Administration don’t work out the funding, but hey, if worse comes to worst, now that Cornell’s biggest film viewing hotspot will plausibly be shut down, does anybody wanna come watch a movie at my place?

I get that some of us might be bummed out by our favorite cinema being defunded, while others are hopeful that the defunding will help the Cinema become a more financially stable organization. But I think we all can get behind the fact that now that its funding is being cut, maybe the new best place to hangout and enjoy a David Lynch retrospective is my apartment in Collegetown Terrace. Sure it’s a bit of a walk, but now that the Cinema is defunded, where else are you gonna get a screening of Eraserhead followed by a full Twin Peaks marathon?

I’ll admit, my DVD/Blu-ray collection is a bit scaled-down compared to the Cinema’s formerly wide variety of 35mm oldies and goldies, but with the wide variety of streaming services at my disposal, I’m sure I’ll find a way to make due. And if you’re wondering about concessions, I don’t have “authentic movie theater butter” or “Raisinets”, but what I do have is some Pop Secret, leftover Halloween candy, and hey, if you wanna bring a beer into the “theater” (my new name for the apartment living room), I won’t tell.

With all that being said, I too am sad that the Cornell Cinema is being defunded. While my living room is wonderful with its various amenities and comfy futons, it doesn’t really hold a candle to the full on-campus movie theater experience the Cornell Cinema can offer us. But sometimes, you just gotta roll with the punches, and I’ll be happily rolling with them while watching my full series box set of Seinfeld repeat. Feel free to join!

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