Student Excited To Escape All of Club Leadership Responsibilities While Studying Abroad

GOLDWIN SMITH – As she prepares to study abroad in Spain this spring, Jessica Temerson ’21 cannot wait to leave behind all her extracurricular responsibilities at school.

“It has been very fulfilling to dedicate so much time and energy in leading these amazing clubs on campus,” Temerson says. “But DEAR GOD am I ready to pack my bags and fly the hell off to Europe, and leave my fledgling club to fend for itself!”

Not all of Temerson’s friends share in her enthusiasm. Lucy Constantino ’20, who co-leads the Cornell Watercolor Collective with Temerson, claims she was unaware of Jessica’s plans to study abroad.

“When I selected her for the role, I definitely thought she was gonna be here for longer than one semester,” Constantino said, looking dismayed. “To be honest, I’m feeling very misled.”

Temerson is excited to return to school in the fall with a renewed desire to get involved on campus—at least until before her senior spring, when she plans to do a semester-long co-op in Boulder, CO.

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