“You Guys Have Lights?” Low Rise 8 Inhabitant Totally Unaware of Campus-Wide Power Outage

HOLLAND INTERNATIONAL LIVING CENTER—Low Rise 8 residents were completely unaware of the recent campus-wide power outage, due to no apparent change in their daily routine. Students in the oft-forgotten International Living Center have become accustomed to a dorm without lights, and many thought it was the norm for on-campus living. 

Bella Montes ‘26, an inhabitant of Low Rise 8, displayed outright shock upon learning of the lighting privileges granted to the other buildings. “I knew that some things—asbestos in the walls of the triples, the family of squirrels stuck in the laundry room window, and gaping holes in the lounge ceiling—were particular to the Low Rise culture. But lights? I thought we all suffered in the darkness together,” she exclaimed. 

The revelation occurred after Montes received a text from a friend living in Hu Shih Hall asking if power had come back on yet. Montes was perplexed, because such a text implied that freshman dorms had lighting in the first place. She struggled to accept the truth: “I figured it was a joke. I mean what’s next, dorms with heat? Running water?” 

The university declined to comment on the disparity of amenities within the dorms of North Campus. In any case, Low Rise 8 fared quite well during the brief power outage, proceeding with business as usual. Residents were spotted doing homework by candlelight and wandering their suites with candelabras.

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