Female Rushees Selflessly Donate Boots Outside Sorority Houses

ITHACA, N.Y. – Although Rush Week at Cornell University can be hectic for the many involved, the stress has been overshadowed by what many are calling a “selfless outpouring of giving.” Multiple sources confirmed that female rushees are donating their footwear to the needy Ithaca community by leaving their boots outside sorority houses.

“Uggs, Hunters, you name it,” said Brittany Walker ‘17. “We just care so deeply about Ithaca, so it just seems natural to give our shoes.” Hundreds of young women have caught the bug: at each house, as many as 70 pairs of shoes are lined up outside.

“I just feel so thankful,” said local man Hooper Thornton. “My daughter has always wanted a pair of Uggs, and I just walked by a sorority house and picked up a brand new pair. I encourage all of the Ithaca community to go to the sororities and accept these wonderful donations.”

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