Laser Show Operator Plays Windows Screen Saver

SCHOELLKOPF FIELD— Due to some technical difficulties within the lighting department, the University’s annual homecoming weekend celebrations were kicked off with a 30 minute display of a Windows screen saver.

“I stepped away from my computer to grab a hot dog for what I thought would be no more than five minutes,” said laser show operator Jeff Thompson. “I ended up waiting in line for like 30 minutes and I guess the screen saver started playing after my computer fell asleep.”

Despite being played in the center of Schoellkopf Field, the glaring mishap went relatively unnoticed across campus.

“It seems like most people were either looking at their cell phones or caught up in conversation to notice the interchanging colors and tubes that slowly cycled on and off. We really dodged a bullet today,” added Thompson.

“I tried to tell all my friends what happened,” said Stephanie MacAdoo, ‘20, “I showed them side by side pictures of the event and my sleeping laptop, but they either had no idea there was even a laser show or just ignored me and kept pregaming.”

After the show, the homecoming steering committee announced that they will start using the screensaver every year to save money that can go towards boosting the football game’s attendance.  

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