Professor to Start Posting Links on Blackboard

MCGRAW HALL – After recommendations from his students and the administration, Professor Desmond Wallace, anthropology, has decided to start posting his articles on Blackboard.

“I suppose you can say I’ve emerged from the Stone Age, per se,” said Wallace, as he proudly wrote out the hyperlinks to the online reading in chalk on the board. “Now that I think about it, it’s amazing we tolerated such an inefficient distribution system for decades of teaching.”

Wallace has described his new teaching system as a broader part of his efforts towards creating the ultimate “21st century classroom,” which he says will enhance the teaching experience and make anthropological texts more accessible.

“Whenever students would like to access the articles, they can use their notebooks and the provided glue sticks to copy and paste the links,” boasted Wallace, pointing out how his new classroom will revolutionize teaching in the humanities for decades to come.

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