CS Major Catfished on Piazza

GATES HALL – After posting his credit card and social security numbers in a comment thread originally about graph theory, CS major Eddy Wright ‘18 realized too late that he had been catfished on the CS 2800 class Piazza forum.

“I was having trouble with this inductive proof and I wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem. This anonymous girl seemed so knowledgeable and caring and she understood me better than anyone else,” said a brokenhearted Wright as he cursed the foul lies of the online seductress who didn’t even help him on his homework that much.

In his instructor answer addressing the question from the problem set, Professor Michael George publicly commented, “You kids and your vapid internet dating. Why can’t you just go outside and actually talk to each other in real life, for once?”

Classmate Megan Perez, who witnessed the virtual sparks flying, commented, “It was a bit suspicious when the anon mentioned that she couldn’t use Skype and lived ‘off-off-campus,’ but once they made plans in the followup discussion section it was just so cute that I didn’t want to point out the blatant scam.”

After gathering his emotions, Wright has now taken to Stack Overflow in search of his true love.

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