Op-Ed: Yeah, I Went Abroad

Oh, what’s that? Did I go abroad? Oh yes, I studied abroad. Where was I? Well, my home base was Seville, but like, I traveled EVERY weekend.

What was my favorite city? I mean, that’s such an unfair question. Deciding between strolling down the Champs-Élysées in Paris or taking in the Trevi Fountain in Rome is something I cannot do.

The food? Ugh, AMAZING. It’s as good as they say it is. Paella, sangria, chorizo. You name it, I had it, and instagrammed it.

Yeah, they’re pretty chill over there with certain laws. You could say I had a good time…

What? My accent? My Spanish got SO much better I’m practically a native.

There’s nothing in particular, I just feel changed. I’m a totally different person. It’s just now, I’m different. It’s the new me.

Oh look at that, it’s time for my siesta. Adiós!

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