Op-Ed: My Professor Said There Were No Dumb Questions, But Got Mad When I Asked If Women Are People Too

Just yesterday, my professor encouraged us to ask questions and not to feel embarrassed if we didn’t understand something. Yet when I asked later in lecture whether women are, in fact, people, she totally flew off the handle!

I was dumbfounded. She completely flipped out, and it was RIGHT after she said there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Talk about HYPOCRISY!

Suddenly I had this woman yelling at me in front of my peers; I thought this was supposed to be a SAFE SPACE! All I was doing was following her lead and asking questions, merely trying to learn more about whether these strange inferior creatures/primates with more makeup could be classified as people.

Such a DISGRACE to Ezra Cornell’s any person, any study. In this institution of higher learning, I demand the right to have an environment where I can be the inquisitive scholar I was BORN to be.

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