Exclusive: Statement from Trevor Davis on SA Election Results

Dear Cornell University,

From the outset of this campaign, my goal was simple: to add something impressive-sounding to my resume. Today, I am proud to say that with my election to the position of Undesignated At-Large Student Assembly Representative, that dream has been achieved. This was a tremendous victory for the 1,852 supporters who voted to entrust me with the top elected position on Student Assembly, and for my future career prospects.

Because of each and every one of you, I can confidently tell recruiters at Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, or even JP Morgan that I was elected to serve as a full voting member on the Cornell Student Assembly. I will be able to explain to them how Undesignated At-Large Representatives get to talk about stuff at meetings, vote on big important resolutions, and even serve on committees with fancy-sounding names.

I would also like to congratulate Joe Anderson on his victory in the presidential election. It speaks to how effectively the SA communicates and engages with the student body that the campus decided, by no matter how slim a margin, that the presidency deserves to go to someone professing an actual desire to serve. I hope Joe uses his very powerful mandate, cemented by the voters’ marginal preference, to continue the work students so clearly understand and value.

Cornell, my one promise this campaign was to put an SA position on my resume. Which is why, now that the promise has been fulfilled, I am proud to announce that I will be stepping down from my position on Student Assembly, effective immediately. I hope I have served my supporters well by being the first SA electee to complete all of my campaign promises, and doing it after just one day as Undesignated At-Large Student Assembly Representative-Elect.

This campaign was a joy to run, and I’d like to thank all of the wonderful people who took us all the way to the top of the mountain, or at least to an adjacent plateau. From the bottom of my heart and the new top section on my resume, thank you, Cornell.

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