Arts & Sciences Dean Dissuades Students From Affiliating With New Reverse Psychology Major

GOLDWIN SMITH HALL—In a beginning-of-the-semester email sent out to students this week, Arts & Sciences Dean Ray Jayawardhana strongly cautioned against affiliating with the college’s new reverse psychology major. 

“This major is only for mature, grown-up students that want to work hard, but you all little 13th and 14th graders couldn’t handle all those big-boy responsibilities. We want students who were good enough to get into Yale or Stanford.” wrote Jayawardhana in the email, titled ‘do NOT open’. “We really don’t want students to affiliate and justify all the faculty we have hired in this department,” the email continued 

Closing the email, Jayawardhana added that students definitely should keep trying to add already full introductory computer science courses.

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