Breaking! This Unlikely Duo Finally “Get Lunch Sometime!”

COLLEGETOWN— In an unexpected turn of events, seniors Lara Murphy ‘21 and Janet Barr ‘21 finally met up for lunch after two years of half-heartedly ending their random encounters with,“We should get lunch sometime!”

“At this point, I never really expected it to happen,” said an incredulous Barr. “We had an FWS together freshman year, and after that whenever we passed each other on campus, we said our polite ‘hello’s, ‘so good to see you’s. We would always end saying, ‘let’s 100% definitely get lunch!’ but I never intended to follow through.” 

“Ever heard of an empty gesture?” asked Murphy, exasperated by the latest development in her and Barr’s acquaintanceship. “I saw Janet the other day walking by CTB, and I thought we’d do our usual charade where we say we’d get lunch, but before I knew it, there we were, eating salads and making small talk.”

Passerbys witnessed Murphy and Barr awkwardly catching up, asking vague questions about each other’s majors and feigning interest in the other person’s response. Each took turns going to the bathroom to escape the painful silences. 

“I don’t know why we did this,” said Barr. “I even asked her to put her mask on, just so I could pretend not to hear her and kill time.” 

Eventually the two left the restaurant, forcefully smiling and laughing, agreeing they couldn’t wait “to do this again soon.”


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